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The DDMA is the trade organisation for data driven marketing & advertising in the Netherlands.
DDMA represents the interests of users, service providers and media/carriers of data driven marketing, both in the Netherlands and at a European level. The organisation acts as a leading communication and knowledge platform for professionals in marketing.
The DDMA has 275 member organisations including major charities, energy providers, telecommunications companies, major financial institutions, airlines and media companies.
The DDMA represents the interests of its members in both national and international alliances. The DDMA is strongly believes in the active self-regulation of the industry. DDMA members should pass a privacy and security audit on data usage to acquire the (mandatory) DDMA privacy seal.



Diana Janssen

Job Title

CEO & Director General


+31 20 452 8413

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W.G Plein 507, 1054 SJ, Amsterdam
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