ICEMD, El Instituto de la Economía Digital (The Institute for the Digital Economy), is the “research, education & training hub” of the Digital and Data-Driven Ecosystem in the Spanish-speaking world. At its centre is the ICEMD Community of 48.000 current and aspiring Digital Business - and Data-Driven Marketing professionals. Spanning two continents, our community is dedicated to learning, training, research, dissemination, networking and mutual support.

ICEMD’S mission is to provide on-going training to students, professionals, entrepreneurs and companies to enable them to compete successfully in the Digital Economy and today’s Data-Driven Markets.

Founded in 1995 under the auspices of the Spanish Direct & Interactive Marketing Association, in 2011 the Institute was acquired by ESIC Business & Marketing School. From its inception ICEMD has been in the forefront of Spain’s Digital and Data Driven revolution by engaging the most expert practitioners to participate as faculty in our education and training programs.

Our 350 faculty members are all industry-leading professionals in Digital & Data Driven Business & Marketing.



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