The beginnings of DIRECTA  date back to 1976 with the creation of the Mexican Association of Direct Mail Marketing and later in 1990 with the founding of the Mexican Association of Telemarketing, which merged in 1992, becoming our current group.
We are the only direct marketing association in Mexico. We set professional standards that guarantee the credibility of direct and interactive marketing, and we are the center of this industry billions of pesos that groups, promotes and represents agencies, suppliers, customers, brands and communication one at Mexico.

Participation in association gives you the opportunity to benefit from:

-Unique business opportunities
-Ethical respect between partners
-Presence of strengthened industry

-Promote the development of the direct marketing industry. (MD) Raise awareness about the benefits of the MD and encourage its use, interacting with key industry players.
-Represent and defend the legitimate interests of partners.
-Lay the ethical foundations of the use of discipline, promoting self-regulation of our activities and respect for the consumer.


-Knowledge tip provides an overview of industry trends and the latest practices to stay ahead of its competitors. However, sourcing, collection and investigation of such information is slow and costly economically.
-As a member, you will benefit from:
-Access to the latest industry research
-Updates on legal developments and policies
-Analysis of key industry issues
-We are the authority in the direct marketing industry.
-Promoting respect for the consumer.
-Generating confidence in the industry


As the leading voice of the direct marketing industry, we actively engage with the government, politicians and key industry stakeholders to protect and promote the interests of our members. We also have guidance from legal experts that can protect your company.



Nestor Marquez

Job Title

Vice President


+52 9000 3163

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Paseo de la Reforma 199 Piso 5 CP, 06500, Mexico, D.F.
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