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The D+D’s mission is to

• Maximise the value of marketers’ investment by promoting best practice in digital and direct marketing.
• Enhance the customer experience from beginning to end in a holistic and integrated manner.

D+D’s members are committed to:

• use global best practices for marketing, fulfilment, customer service, community management, claims/complaint handling, and data mining/analysis;
• give the customer maximum choice of distribution channels and media, so the customer can decide which channel or medium best suits their needs;
• guarantee customer data security and privacy through association guidelines and global best practices that exceed regulatory requirements;
• manage customer life cycle/event driven marketing and after-care to increase the lifetime value to the company and overall satisfaction to the customer.

D+D meets its objectives via three activity pillars:

1. Advocacy – take an active leadership role with relevant government agencies/bodies in order to ensure that data security and data privacy regulations and guidelines are fairly balanced and do not unduly inhibit the ability of members to conduct business.
2. Education – provide members and their staff opportunities to participate in all levels of education related to digital & direct marketing as well as functional expertise
3. Networking – promote and create opportunities for members to engage with colleagues and other practitioners on both the company and user sides.



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