About GDMA

The GDMA is an organisation that represents, supports and unites marketing associations from around the globe that focus on data-driven marketing.

It leads worldwide initiatives aimed at providing marketers with global trends, thought leadership and know-how on data-driven marketing and advertising across all sectors, disciplines and channels.

In excess of 30 affiliate organisations are part of GDMA. Collectively, they represent a significant proportion of the world’s major brands, corporations, suppliers and agencies.

Through its members associations, the GDMA provides access to the world’s largest network of data-driven marketing organisations and influencers.

Global GDMA Executives

Áine O’Connor
Ireland - IDMA

Áine O’Connor is the Client Services and Communications Manager with the IDMA.

Akira Oka
Japan - DMJ

Akira Oka is President and CEO of DMJ.

Antonio Rosa

Antonio Rosa is president and CEO of ABEMD (Associacao Brasileira de Marketing Direto – Brazilian Direct Marketing Association)

Cécile Delettre
France - ADETEM

Cécile is a member of the Board of Adetem, the biggest global marketing association in France with 1500 members (mainly brands).

Chris Combemale
United Kingdom - DMA UK

Chris Combemale is the Group CEO of the DMA UK, comprising the DMA, IDM and TPSL companies.

David Dickens
South Africa - DMASA

David Dickens is Chief Executive Officer of South Africa’s DMA.

Diana Janssen
The Netherlands - DDMA

Diana Janssen has been the director general of the Dutch DMA since 2006. She is currently also serving as FEDMA’s Co-Chair.

Finn Thomsen
Denmark - DDMA

Finn Thomsen was co-founder of Wunderman International, the first Direct Marketing agency in Denmark.

John Wiltshire
Canada - CMA

John Wiltshire is President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Marketing Association.

György Huszics
Hungary - DIMA

György Huszics is the President of DIMA Hungary since 2014. He is also the Co-Founder and CRM Director of CRANE, providing data driven marketing solutions to its partners on regional and global level.

Ivan Vandermeersch
Belgium - BAM

Ivan Vandermeersch has worked almost 30 years in communication of which 10 years in media research and then more than 10 years in industry representation.

Joost van Nispen
Spain - ICEMD

Joost is Founder & Chairman of ICEMD, The Institute for the Digital Economy (Spain), which has been part of ESIC Business & Marketing School since 2011.

Lisa Watson
Sinagpore - DMAS

Lisa is Chairman, Data-Driven Marketing Association of Singapore, and Customer Market Development Manager, HP Inc, Asia Pacific & Japan.

Martin Jones
Argentina - AMDIA

Martin Jones was elected President of AMDIA in April 2014 following a previous period as Board Member.

Martin Nitsche
Germany - DDV

Martin Nitsche is Chair of GDMA and Founder and Managing Partner of Solveta GmbH and is considered as one of Germany’s leading CRM and Marketing experts.

Mary Teahan
Argentina - AMDIA

Mary Teahan is past Chair of GDMA - formerly IFDMA - Mary is Board Member and Honorary President of amdia, the Argentinean DMA.

Patrick Tapp
Germany - DDV

Patrick Tapp is President of DDV (Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e.V)

Sébastien Houzé
Belgium - FEDMA

Sébastien Houzé is Secretary General of FEDMA.

Shelly Singh

Shelly Singh is Founder & COO of DMA, MENA. Shelly is an adept media and marketing professional with two decades of contributions in print media.

Stephen Porges
Australia - AADL/ADMA

Stephen is Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Alliance for Data Leadership (AADL) and its group of Associations – Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), the Institute for Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA), Data Governance Australia (DGA) and the Digital +Technology Collective (D+TC).

Thomas J. Benton

Since being appointed DMA CEO in 2014, Tom Benton has led a three-year transformation of DMA that includes a re-branding to become the Data & Marketing Association with an organizational and resource alignment focused on advocacy, innovation, education and connections.

Tony Mitchell
New Zealand - MA

Tony is a successful business leader with expertise gained from working in commercial, not-for-profit and membership organisations at executive and board member level.

Tore Thallaug
Sweden - SWEDMA

Tore Thallaug CEO, has been active in the industries of media, business information and direct & data-driven marketing, as MD/CEO for many years.

Valentina Carnevali
Italy - DMA Italia

Valentina Carnevali is Co-founder of 4IT Group and CEO of DMA Italia.

Vatsal Asher
India - DMA Asia

Vatsal Ahser is Founder and CEO of DMA Asia. He started his journey with DMAi as a Director & CEO in 2011.